Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Soccer Fun

Zach started soccer this year and loves it.  He is so glad that his friend Jack is on his team.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome Baby Ian

Michele and I are happy to announce the arrival of baby Ian Matthew Bates.  After much anticipation, Ian FINALLY arrived on Friday night at 7:14pm, weighing in a whopping 8 lbs 6 oz, and 21" tall.   

Despite a long 9 hour labor, we were relieved and excited to have had an uneventful and routine delivery, especially considering how stressful and scary the first two deliveries were. We almost felt like first time parents again, finally having the chance to cut the umbilical cord, giving baby's first bath, having the Ian spend most of his time in Michele's room vs. the NICU, and leaving the hospital in about 48 hours from first arriving, opposed to our normal one or two weeks. It was a welcome change from our previous two experiences. 

Now comes the big challenge, learning to survive with three little boys and sleepless nights. Figuring out how to go from man-to-man defense to zone defense. Zach and Tanner are so excited for their new little brother, so excited in 
fact that we may have to hire security for Ian. They adore him and already ask how soon before they can play with him outside. 

Thanks again for all of your support and well wishes. We are doing great, and I look forward to having this next week off to help around the house and spend time with "My Three Sons"...and Michele. 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Easter Fun 2009

Yes this is a new posting.  I know that our blog has been stuck on Easter from two years ago for  a year or more but we are trying to get a little better at updating every few months or so.  The Leslie's invited us over to color eggs again this year and the boys had a blast like always.  They sure do keep you on your toes. 

The Easter Bunny left lots of fun goodies.

The boys were so excited to get to wear their new "big boy" church clothes.  They loved the ties, black socks and black shoes the best.  Apparently that means they look like Dad.  Don't they look handsome?

Zach's 5th Birthday Party

Back in March, Zachary had his 5th Birthday. He was so excited to turn 5 like others in his preschool class. We went to Jungle Jim's and unfortunately all the pictures of them on the rides turned out blurry, but they had a great time.  Zach is so excited to start Kindergarten this fall. Wow, it's hard to believe we have a 5 year old.

Friday, January 16, 2009

December Fun

We had the Greensides over and attempted to make gingerbread houses.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  I will admit that Matt and I turned to Super Glue to help us keep out house together.
The Bates Family Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest - this is always a fun evening.

Grandpa & Grandma Arnold spend Christmas morning with us since they were flying to Tennessee later that day to visit the rest of the family there.  We were a little nervous if they were going to make it out with all the snow we were getting, but it all worked out fine.  The boys loved everything they received and were busy flying from one toy to the next having a great time.
Christmas night Grandpa & Grandma Bates and Heather came over for dinner and it was quite the experience since we sat in the dark because the power went out for nearly two hours.  But we found that singing songs and opening presents in the dark made for a memorable Christmas.

The boys had lots of fun playing in the snow the day after Christmas.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Craft Day

We missed Craft Day today due to the boys having fevers, but Erin brought over the supplies and we were able to make these fun Turkey Hats that the boys just loved making and strutting around in.  Thanks Erin!