Friday, January 16, 2009

December Fun

We had the Greensides over and attempted to make gingerbread houses.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  I will admit that Matt and I turned to Super Glue to help us keep out house together.
The Bates Family Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest - this is always a fun evening.

Grandpa & Grandma Arnold spend Christmas morning with us since they were flying to Tennessee later that day to visit the rest of the family there.  We were a little nervous if they were going to make it out with all the snow we were getting, but it all worked out fine.  The boys loved everything they received and were busy flying from one toy to the next having a great time.
Christmas night Grandpa & Grandma Bates and Heather came over for dinner and it was quite the experience since we sat in the dark because the power went out for nearly two hours.  But we found that singing songs and opening presents in the dark made for a memorable Christmas.

The boys had lots of fun playing in the snow the day after Christmas.


PrincessKatie said...

Yeah for an update. Looks like you guys are doing good. We should get together soemtime. I am sure Hailey would go nuts over your boys! Hope all is well

jenny_moffat said...

Hey Michelle. Your boys are so handsome. I just wanted to let you know that Jeff started a group on facebook "In Memory of Orson Dean Price." I am not sure if you have a facebook but we are just leaving memories and pics of Grandpa. This is the link If you would like you can invite anyone you think would like to share and remember.